Hiroaki Iizuka Remixed - Female Edition is the second tribute remix release to the Japanese techno producer on MER including versions by Trick-C, Ayako Mori and the label owner, Miss Electric. Due to Hiroaki Iizuka's elusive nature, it is impossible to find a biography that describes the Japanese producer's most astounding feats in 20+ years of career. However by digging in his discography, one can find releases on legendary record labels as Kazumi, Coda, Them, Soleil and most recently Mord Records. Iizuka's seminal production work certainly favours letting the music do the talking.


After Justin Berkovi, Mike Dearborn, Uncertain aka Boriqua Tribez and Slade Fenton crafted a first remix EP for Hiroaki Iizuka, now MER's head-honcho, Miss Electric, drafts Trick-C and Ayako Mori to address a female-only remix release bound with hard-hitting techno. From the suggestive sequences found in Trick-C's 'Neuron Activity' Mix, lingering in the stomping hypnosis concerning Ayako Mori's remix and reaching the relentlessness of Miss Electric's 'Obsession' mix, this package offers a track for each moment of your set. From the warm-up time to peak hours and after hours, 'Hiroaki Iizuka Remixed - Female Edition' is a complete techno bundle.


Released March 2, 2020

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