Since his debut on Berlin's Tresor Records in 1999, Hiroaki Iizuka has placed his name on vinyl from labels like Holzplatten, Soleil, and Coda. Now in 2018, Iizuka humbles MER by conferring 'Portamento' as the fourth instalment of the record label.


TOKYO-. It's 3:03 a.m. A cold and rainy night in Shibuya district. Fifty-seven stories high, a rumbling bass-line is contained in the floating room that accommodates Hiroaki Iizuka's studio in the technological district of Japan's capital. Black boxes and blinking lights under the command of Hiroaki's production skills create a futuristic analog soundscape reminiscent of Morimoto's vision of the metropolis in 'Akira'.

'Portamento' is a reference inspired by the authentic old-school techno sound from the late 80's and early 90's, recorded using a fresh sonic approach with analog synthesizers and vintage drum machines.

Atonal arpeggios and a massive drum section are the main features of 'Entry', the first track of the EP. Synth-heavy grooves engulfed by a thick atmosphere drive you to the breakdown which conveys your consciousness towards a higher sonic dimension.

Play track two after preparing for a heavy brain-massage. In 'FLK' the listener is led by an ever-increasing synthesizer-tension to an apparently hopeless breakdown, barely to find said pressure stretches to a well-deserved release on the massive drop.


Crunchy drums, crispy synths and dusty patterns are the main traits on 'Portamento'. The track that titles the release also owns the most infectious rhythm. A clever use of distortion coupled with surgically-precise sequences makes this infectious cut irresistible to dance.

Backing up the release, the techno heavyweight known as half of Space DJz, Ben Long teams up with U.S. vocalist Kevin Hollins AKA Rory Breaka for their official debut. Breaka has his roots in Hip Hop and R&B but has recently crossed over to the dark side and put his techno hat on. The duo delivers a hybrid remix of song-based techno / electronic music with an edgy and funky vibe. This remix goes far beyond the concept of the original track by incorporating a story of lust and desire on lyrics perfectly mingling with a heavy hypnotic atmosphere....


Released April 4, 2018

Tel. +43680/2048141


Schöneben 49, A-4252 Austria

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