Ferze - a momentary

Russian producer Ferze debuts in MER with six old-school-flavoured techno originals.

Relentless grooves, fast-paced rhythm, tight percussion patterns equals a total Old-School techno feeling from the late 90's. Six tracks that range from dark and relentless beats to lush laid back techno with pads and melody. 

A complete package for multiple occasions and diverse dance-floors.

"Ferze's real name is Dmitry Melkhov. He got entangled with electronic music around 1998, by listening to diverse styles of electronic music. Later he became carried away with DJing. Approximately in 2008, the Russian commenced producing techno and house music.

In all his endeavours concerning electronic music, he was constantly driven by genuine enthusiasm and not a false ambition in order to execute an authentic sound. Released: November 12th, 2018


Lithuanian-born and London-based, Persohna brings three techno tracks in a new EP named "Untitled". Infectious grooves combined with distorted drums yield an old-school sound in this ensemble. 

The release kicks off with "Untitled 02" a track full of abrasive textures, highlighting a hard, pounding and distorted drum section. 


"Untitled 03" is a dissonant techno gem, distinguished by harsh synth timbres and heavy cadences. 

"Untitled 04" resembles the previous tracks while featuring a harsh arpeggio sequence joined with stomping low-end action.


In 2005 Persohna joined Datablender Sound Collective. In 2008 Datablender Records began operations, with Vitalis as label manager. in 2013 he launched Stomper Records and has recently founded Aesir Records in 2017. His music can be found on labels like TMMR, Monark, Unaffected and more.


Released: August 6th, 2018


After the success of the label's debut release, firm favourite, The Machinists returns to MER with a 6 track mini album of textual audio finery titled 'Revert'. Signed to a number of labels already, this Glasgow-based brings an intensity and raw power to bare on everything he produces, much like the industrial city he calls home. 


First up, '129 Exp' centres around an ear worn synth line that soon hypnotises the floor as the pounding 808 kicks and scattery percussions drive the track forward. 'Deep Shift' does just that, warm augmented pads and crisp hats welcome you as The Machinists recreate some jazzy basement jams not out of place in deepest darkest Detroit. 


Wonky drums and sparse percussion drive 'Hi Fi' forward as melodic elements layered alongside percussive ones take you on a wild ride. 'Placid' is anything but. Doused in acid, its menace in dance floor catnip. Gargantuan drums and groovy sonics give 'Revert' a stadium-esque feel and drive. Finally, Velvet rounds things off with live drumming and a jazzy deep bass before rich, warm pads take you off to dreamland.


Released: June 4th, 2018


Since his debut on Berlin's Tresor Records in 1999, Hiroaki Iizuka has placed his name on vinyl from labels like Holzplatten, Soleil, and Coda. Now in 2018, Iizuka humbles MER by conferring 'Portamento' as the fourth instalment of the record label.


TOKYO-. It's 3:03 a.m. A cold and rainy night in Shibuya district. Fifty-seven stories high, a rumbling bass-line is contained in the floating room that accommodates Hiroaki Iizuka's studio in the technological district of Japan's capital. Black boxes and blinking lights under the command of Hiroaki's production skills create a futuristic analog soundscape reminiscent of Morimoto's vision of the metropolis in 'Akira'.

'Portamento' is a reference inspired by the authentic old-school techno sound from the late 80's and early 90's, recorded using a fresh sonic approach with analog synthesizers and vintage drum machines.

Atonal arpeggios and a massive drum section are the main features of 'Entry', the first track of the EP. Synth-heavy grooves engulfed by a thick atmosphere drive you to the breakdown which conveys your consciousness towards a higher sonic dimension.

Play track two after preparing for a heavy brain-massage. In 'FLK' the listener is led by an ever-increasing synthesizer-tension to an apparently hopeless breakdown, barely to find said pressure stretches to a well-deserved release on the massive drop.


Crunchy drums, crispy synths and dusty patterns are the main traits on 'Portamento'. The track that titles the release also owns the most infectious rhythm. A clever use of distortion coupled with surgically-precise sequences makes this infectious cut irresistible to dance.

Backing up the release, the techno heavyweight known as half of Space DJz, Ben Long teams up with U.S. vocalist Kevin Hollins AKA Rory Breaka for their official debut. Breaka has his roots in Hip Hop and R&B but has recently crossed over to the dark side and put his techno hat on. The duo delivers a hybrid remix of song-based techno / electronic music with an edgy and funky vibe. This remix goes far beyond the concept of the original track by incorporating a story of lust and desire on lyrics perfectly mingling with a heavy hypnotic atmosphere....


Released April 4, 2018


A regular DJ, live act, producer and party host. Nicolas Teloglou's back catalogue includes releases on Plink Plonk, Eukatech and Eukahouse and more.

Now, the greek producer presents 'Bounce One', under his moniker 'Overbay'. An old-school flavoured EP, including four original tracks reminiscent of the early 90's techno sound. Each cut has it's own style. From the melodic grooves of 'Another Day', through the relentlessness of 'Bounce One', 'Funk Demon' and 'Nova Tone', to the warehouse vibes on 'There's Nothing Left'. The release revisits many aspects of the 90's techno sound.
You will find a variety of styles on the remixes as well. Starting slow but heavy, DJ ESP aka Woody McBride delves into a bass-heavy, hypnotic reinterpretation of 'Funk Demon'.
Hailing from Madrid, the man behind Hidden Suite Records debuts on MER remixing 'Funk Demon' as well. Mooz keeps the relentlessness of the original combined with his own thick signature sound.
Miss Electric closes the release with a subtle take on 'Another Day. The Austrian producer turns the original track into a fluffy, atmospheric, techno scape. A remix full with lush pads, fluid stab action and delicate percussion. Enjoy the third release of MER dancing like nobody is watching.

Released December 11, 2017


Energun's 'Throwback' is the new LP by the band from Belarus. Six original productions driven by immense dissonant synths, laid over massive drum grooves. Remixes by Ade Fenton, The Subdermic and Miss Electric wrap-up this techno pack . Nine hypnotic tracks perfect for the dark and low dance floors.


MER is back with a second reference. Releasing the old-school techno sound they stand for: fast-paced, hypnotic and pounding.


BIO FOR: Energun


Energun project created in 1998 by two like-minded Denis Sinitsyn and Sergey Maksimchuka. Cool start taking Energun released a series of vinyl releases (Salpeter, Kazumi, Highball, etc) and to celebrate all major festivals of the post-Soviet space. After the break, taken in 2006, the project participants were mainly studio work, updated equipment and experimented with sound, which resulted in the creation of several side-projects, the most famous of which were vocal and electronic experiments within the formation Energun vs. Logika. But the roots have taken their toll and already in 2011 on live performances Energun could hear a real techno sound. Another important event of 2011 was the founding of the label Energun Records, which in addition to its work, the band released the famous representatives of the national electronic scene. A series of new releases willingly supported and included in their sets, many stars and luminaries techno. Also, based on the production studio operates successfully Energun Records Mastering Service, which helps musicians make electronic signature sound by professional mastering tracks.

Energun subsequent years continued to promote the creation of techno. It was released a large number of releases on the most famous techno labels (Decoy, Affin, Newrhythmic, Android Muziq, Darknet, Slap Jaxx, AcidWorx and ect.), After which received tremendous support from the techno community (Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Giorgio Gigli, Marcel Dettmann, Inigo Kennedy, Milton Bradley, Takaaki Itoh, Mattias Fridell, Kr! z, Norman Nodge, Bas Mooy, Tommy Four Seven, and many others).

Continued progress in the search for studio gave fruit and made in 2014 for a record Energun 3 vinyl release - 42 digital and 42 tracks in various artists. But despite on seemingly fruitful production activities to date - Energun, continues to delight its Live shows, during which skillfully combines DJing with improvisations on analog synthesizers and samplers. According to the musicians - each live performance - a kind of a unique experiment, during which, sometimes intuitively are infinitely new colors and facets of techno music.


Released May 1, 2017


MER: Drawing back the spirit of old-school Techno


Remember that timeless experience from the parties back in the day?. Dancing over hours under an hypnotic state, induced by everlasting loops of fast-paced, heavy grooves?

MER brings the old-school vibe of 80's and 90's techno into a new realm, elevating the essence of that pure sound into nowadays dance floors. With digital and vinyl releases, the label's sole purpose represents adding quality output by showcasing new and established artists of the worldwide techno scene.

The Machinists, responsible for unfolding this first reference of the label with three original cuts embodies an UK-based producer, boasting a prominent influence by the techno sound the Birmingham neighbourhood is recognised for.

Extraction, the first original production sets-off the release with pure raw hypnotic grooves, guaranteed as safe countermeasure to any given dance floor situation.

The second original production is Slabb. A mesmerisingly-pleasant, hypnotic track arranged for maximising impact over crowds already trapped in the late night grooves. Metallic and subtly arpeggiated, this constitutes your track when a jacking beat is required.

Lemmings, the title track chosen for this EP holds multiple meanings behind it's name. While you decipher the author's intended significance, drift away in infinite patterns of raw analog sequences omnipresent on the composition.

Representing the new wave of producers paying homage to the old-school, arrives Sirius Brown, supplying new school techniques injected in this straight-techno banger, turning Lemmings into a stomping, dance-floor monster.

Solid bass foundations embody the basic building blocks of every remix crafted by Greencross. Add up a dash of hard hitting drums paired with super complex sequences, and you obtain the formula the producer is acknowledged for. This time he steps out of his own manifesto by introducing an unexpected kind of element into the rework.

The master-mind behind label itself Miss Electric, delivers a remix for this inaugural release in shape of a tool, conceived to be applied with a creative approach on your DJ sets.

MER pays tribute to the artists who made their quintessential contribution to the scene back in the day. An acid bass-line permeates razor-sharp beats on this Slabb Remix by one of the worldwide acid techno ambassadors DJ ESP aka Woody McBride.

To conclude the EP, Lemmings gets a treatment by one of the last decade's hardest working individuals behind the techno scene with immutable contributions such as Primate Recordings and Primevil, John Warwick joins the release with a version that evokes the prime-time of the 90's rave scene.


Released July 6, 2016

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