Hiroaki iizuka remixed 

When the seismic techno on Hiroaki Iizuka's "Portamento" was unleashed across the planet by MER in 2018, it included a bundle of tracks that took you back to the late '90s techno scene. Three originals and one remix by Ben Long were included, yielding a massive wave of support by many top players. Today Iizuka presents a collection of remixes, including Slade Fenton, Mike Dearborn, Justin Berkovi and Uncertain. 


Besides writing and producing alongside the iconic Gary Numan, Ade Fenton remains connected to clubland. This time he collaborates with fellow composer Tim Slade (Ade's writing partner on various film and TV scores) for their new Slade Fenton project. Their remix is a perfect amalgamation of Hiroaki's sound plus the unmistakable industrial style of Slade Fenton. 


Since 1989 Chicago's acclaimed Mike Dearborn has been producing, remixing and performing in the best venues around the world. After his remakes for artists that include Gary Numan, Hardfloor and Joey Beltram, Mike provides an even harder edge on his version of Hiroaki's "Entry". A new techno sound evocative of the early days. 


Favourite of the late John Peel, and with a career spanning some two decades, Justin Berkovi is one of techno's greats. With luminaries such as Ben Klock still dropping his Djax-Up releases from back in the day, Berkovi's productions and sets are timeless. Combining spaciously lush melody of pads with a huge drum section that's sequenced along a pressure-inducing synth ensemble, Berkovi unquestionably raises "FLK" to a higher level while lowering the BPM. 

Since 1989 Uncertain (respectively Boriqua Tribez) has been a driving force in electronic music. Performing around the globe and with over 150 originals and remixes on several record labels, the Austrian producer bestows his own mad side of techno on his remix very carefully hiding a secret loop reminiscent of the best old-school style. A double dose of bone-smashing techno from the Austrian producer. 

Hiroaki Iizuka is a raw-to-the-bone Techno producer from somewhere below ground in Japan. He began releasing music back in 2000, placing since then his name on vinyl from labels like Holzplatten, Soleil, and Coda. 


Released March 4, 2019

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