Oruam Zior is a Dj Producer born in Buenos Aires.

From the age of twenty one he walks by electronic music clubs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Soon, begins a personal search in the genre. Introducing his previous musical knowledge as a professional guitarist, Oruam focuses on the production of harmonics and hypnotic sounds with dark shades, typical aggressive techno rhythm section, achieving a unique style in their tracks. His mixes on the dance floor are technically accurate and dynamic. His musical selection is refined his style, making your DJ Set is unmatched.

He is currently working on:

DSR Digital / A R T S / Trau-ma / TMM Records / Techno Vinyls Records / Frequenza Black Label / Subvibez / Toxic Recordings / Labrynth / Labrynth / Art Style Techno Records / Switch Off Records / Eclipse Recordings / Klinik Room Recordings / Solid Groove Records / Maintain Replay Records / Cerebelo Records / Dark Underground Records / 909 Individual / DOPE / Trial Records / Oxytech Record / Subwoofer Records / Techno Legends / NG Records / Syncopate / Dolma Records / Teksession Records 

Tel. +43680/2048141


Schöneben 49, A-4252 Austria

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