Daniel Gavilán is a Venezuelan-born DJ and music producer, also known as 'Greencross'. Co-Founder of

Different Is Different Records, and actually based in Barcelona, Spain.

His DJ career started in 2002 when settled in Barcelona. Aventure that went from organizing one of the last series of

illegal raves in Catalunya, to hosting nights at the city’s techno temples such as La Cova and Be Cool.


As a DJ, Daniel is constantly playing in São Paulo and Brazil‘s main cities. Countries like Holland, Germany and

Spain are always within his schedule for european tours,which already have spawned appearances in festivals such

as Feier-Rhein in Düsseldorf, São Paulo’s great Virada Cultural, or the Underground Family Festival in Barcelona.

“I’m lucky to have the chance to contribute to the scene at this time, when so many sub-styles are being brilliantly

produced, letting me create very eclectic DJ sets, still within the boundaries of techno. To me, diversity is taste.”

For two years in a row, Greencross has hosted showcases of his label, Different Is Different Records as

official parties of Amsterdam Dance Event. Other performances worth mentioning are Florida 135 in Fraga,

as well as ROW 14, La Macarena, La Cova, Be Cool, and Sala Apolo in Barcelona.


As a producer, Greencross has already remixed techno legends such as Ken Ishii, Tom Hades, Ortin Cam, Stanny

Franssen, Angel Alanis, Adam Jay, and Drumcomplex. His original productions has also been remixed by high

profile techno producers like Johannes Heil, Angel Alanis, Morgan Tomas, Logotech, Abi Bah, Red Square and

Adam Jay. Different Is Different Records is Daniel’s own label, but his productions can also be found at Primate

Recordings, Primevil, NB Records, Home Audio Recordings, Slap Jaxx, Parallel 125 and many more.

In autumn 2015 look for Greencross’ vinyl releases on Primevil Recordings with two references in collaboration

with Miss Electric.

Tel. +43680/2048141

Schöneben 49, A-4252 Austria

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