Beroshima started with a cutting edge acid flavored electronic sound and has constantly evolved as one of the finest acts in live techno. His other Main imprint Mueller records started 1996 proving a platform for old and fresh protagonists of electric music followed by their newest Label MAD MUSICIAN in 2012. beside the countless single releases the Albums until today are : 1993 “the lost Frea(k)quencies” on Acid Orange ( Tanjobii) , 1999 “POP the pornography of performance” on Muller Records , 2004 “the catastrophe Ballet” on Muller Records and Beroshima music , 2011 "polyphonication" on Muller Records.


Since 2004 Frank Muller and Ulrich Schnauss put their focus on their solo projects. Ulrich Schnauss earned worldwide respect for his electronica works while Frank joined different projects as a Producer and put his focus on his live performance as Beroshima and DJ works. Franks “solo” releases as Beroshima like “Horizon” on Cocoon Records or Soma UK and "Moonraker" turned the wheel once again into another direction. in 2011 Frank and Ulrich started to work together again as Beroshima to finish the 4th Album “POLYPHONICATION “.

this year we face the 20th anniversary of Beroshima as a techno live act and that requires some action.

the 4th album Polyphonication has just been re-released in 2013 by the USAmerican label Tulipa Recordings earning great feedbacks from Top Djs.


In July the entirely analog recorded 5th Album "Real to Reel" will be released on CIRCLE MUSIC to be continued by a live recorded CD in August.

The anniversary special Collection Compilation will be out end of this year on Muller Records presenting long forgotten trax from Acid Orange recordings , special Remixes and remastered old hits covering the last 25 years of positiv insanity.

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Schöneben 49, A-4252 Austria

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