Ben Long is not only one half of UK Techno veterans, Space DJz but has also been delivering a multitude of solo EPs and remixes not only for Bulletdodge, but also for the likes of Beard Man, Naked Lunch, EPMMusic and more recently GND Records. Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire formed Space DJz in 1995 with their 1st musical outing - On Manoeuvres in uncharted Territories this was released on the sub label of Creation Records called Infonet Recordings. The highlight of this EP was the seminal electro track Celestial Funk. During the course of a 20 year career the DJz have put out over 60 Ep’s , 2 full length Album’s 3 mix Cd’s and over 40 remix’s featuring on labels such as Novamute , Soma , BEK Audio , PercTrax , Kombination Research , Driving Force , Beardman , Phobiq , Sinewave and many many others. As the first Techno partnership to ever DJ on 4 turntable’s and 2 mixers spawning many a copycat act they have taken their sound across the globe, very few countries have not witnessed the unique style , knowledge and musical attitude that only Ben Long & Ja mie Bissmrie can deliver behind the decks and on the dance floor . Touring Australia and Asia 9 times , South America , USA , Russia , Japan , New Zealand and countless of the big Festivals and Raves across the European circuit.


BEN LONG feat. Rory Breaka


Ben Long teams up with US vocalist Kevin Hollins AKA Rory Breaka for their 1st official outing. Breaka has his roots in Hip Hop and R&B but has recently crossed over to the dark side and put his Techno hat on . The duo are working on a hybrid sound of song based Techno / Electronic music with a edgy and funky vibe .


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